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Slalom Course Rules and Considerations

Anyone with questions regarding the club may call Jeff Johnson (260) 486-8701 or Bill Whitmer (260) 833-1839.

Please help to protect the integrity of the slalom course

Slalom ski courses are installed to provide recreational challenge and tournament training for area skiers. The sport of slalom course skiing requires the consideration of all boaters. Water skiers, fisherman, pleasure boaters and sailors all have the right and privilege to enjoy our public lakes. Here are the rules of the lake for using a slalom course, as well as some important boat driving and course maintenance tips. First, get to know the geography of the course. On Crooked Lake our course is at the end of Third Basin. It is made up of six turn buoys, distanced out diagonally from the boat path, which is marked by eight sets of gates.




How to Drive the Shalom Course

Practice safety first!
When approaching the slalom course, don’t make waves. Always drive parallel to the course to avoid rollers that will interfere with skiing. If your skier falls in the course, stop completely before turning and idling back to him/her. This will keep waves at a minimum. Remember to watch so the rope and handle from your fallen skier does not rip out buoys. Never cut through the course. When exiting, idle out and away from the course. If you have to drive past the course, make sure you drive parallel to the course. Remember, try to avoid making waves. Do not pull tubes, sleds or boards through the course. It is designed only for slalom skiing. Personal watercraft should not be used in or around the slalom course. These other boating activities could cause damage to the course.


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Warren Burkart Wake Boarding

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Warren Burkart Coming out of the water

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More Fun With Friends

by Sally Miller

Wake Surfing

by Sara Knafel

Catching Air

by Kristie Smikins


The mission of the Crooked Lake Association is to maintain and improve the quality of lake living for all properties that surround our beautiful lake community. We are a group of individuals, moms and dads, old and young, employed and retired, that strive to achieve this mission by volunteering our time and talents to the association.


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