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Message From Your Board

There have been several inquiries regarding the position of the Crooked Lake Association in connection with the proposed redevelopment of the Casey’s Cove property. Although most reading this would be aware, it is worth a reminder that the CLA is a voluntary association of property owners who choose to join, rather than a mandatory homeowners association that has certain statutory powers to enforce rules, covenants and restrictions against real estate, and the like. 

The CLA‘s mission is to protect and enhance the health, biology and wildlife associated with Crooked Lake, as well as to promote a sense of community and community events and to generally strive to make our lake and surrounding community a pleasant place to live. The CLA does not have any authority over individual property rights, construction, building and land-use regulations, or anything of the type. Accordingly, it is not within the purview of the CLA to take a position or become involved in any way in matters pertaining to the use of and/or development of private property. Those matters are governed by public authorities such as the Plan Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals, County Commissioners, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources and the Steuben Lakes Regional Waste District. 

With this being said in the event the proposed development/land use is identified by qualified experts as likely resulting in detrimental effect to the lake itself or to the safety, health and/or well being of our residents, then the CLA could properly take action, including determining to spend association funds in an effort to protect the lake. 

An example of this is when several years ago a confined animal feeding operation (CAFO) was proposed which would have including the spreading of significant amounts of animal manure on fields near the lake and watershed affecting the lake.At that time, the association voted to contribute financially to the already separately organized opposition and remonstrance, based solely on the potential ecological effects on a wide ranging basis. The association only took action because the group that organized, hired legal counsel, raised funds and engaged experts presented their position and findings to the CLA (and other local groups and stakeholders) which demonstrated likely negative effects on the lake. 

Regarding the Casey’s Cove property, and unlike the situation involving the CAFO, the CLA has not and cannot take any position as it has not been presented with information of any likely significant detrimental effect on the lake. To the extent such information is developed through independent investigation and supported by qualified individuals, then the CLA could properly consider that information and decide, through the Board, whether or not taking any position is appropriate. 

We thank all our neighbors for your passion about and love of our beautiful lake! 

Sincerely, Crooked Lake Association Board of Directors

“Our 8th Annual Freedom 5 Run and Walk was considered a success with 411 folks participating! A big shout out to our sponsors with special thanks to RE/MAX RESULTS Realtors as our Platinum Sponsor. Please take a look at the sponsor list and help express our great appreciation to all for their support of Crooked Lake and the Freedom 5. As always, many volunteer hours were needed to put on this event. Thanks to all of them. And last, but not least, The Freedom 5 Coordinating Team included Amy Krebs, Kelly Bailey, Chris Harrington, and Will Gooden did a great job.”


A footnote to our list includes our 2012 Bronze Sponsors including Jimmerson Storage, Lawnscape, VESTIL Manufacturing, and Wayside Furniture. And last, but not least, a shout out to Michelle and Jim Dunn for providing water to our runners and walkers.



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 The Waste District location just past Dry Dock Marine and near the 4H Park remains open for your landscape waste, etc. See the sign below for days and hours of operation.

A Look Back On Our July 4, 2021 Holiday Events

Light the Lake Red


A special note of thanks to Chris Harrington for finding a great deal on flares! Also thanks to Casey’s Cove and SUP 101 Lakes gift shop at the Crooked Lake Beach for helping with distribution.

Boat Parade

Most Patriotic Award

First Place Theme Award

JULY 4 BOAT PARADE. Special thanks and a tip of Uncle Sam's hat to Kelly Bailey for making this happen again in 2021. Appreciation goes out to sponsors and participants! Go to Lake Activities Link-Go to Crooked Lake Fireworks Page for more July 4th Boat Parade Photos 


  •  A special SALUTE to Sara and Todd Barile for again coordinating this spectacular show! Also thanks to Casey’s Cove for allowing us space to prepare the pontoons, and to other Board members who helped out.-Go to Crooked Lake Fireworks



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*Saturday, June 19, 2021 Annual Meeting at 4H Park

Date TBA -Safe Boating Class  8:00 am – 3:00 pm Safe Boating Class

*June 26, 2021- Crooked Lake Garage Sale

*Saturday, July 2, 2022- Fireworks at Dark

*Saturday, July 3,2021 2nd Annual Boat Parade

*Saturday, July 3,2021  at 10:00 PM, Light the Lake Red

*Sunday, July 4, 2021 8th Annual Freedom 5 Run and Walk

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Lake Fireworks

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2021 Fireworks


2021 Fireworks


Enjoying The Fireworks




Enjoying The Fireworks


Grand Finale  



The mission of the Crooked Lake Association is to maintain and improve the quality of lake living for all properties that surround our beautiful lake community. We are a group of individuals, moms and dads, old and young, employed and retired, that strive to achieve this mission by volunteering our time and talents to the association.


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